What does privacy mean to you?

We love the internet. It has enabled us to communicate with each other in incredible ways. It has enriched our lives and quite frankly we can’t imagine life without it. But as much as we love today’s technology, we have a few concerns.

All of our calls, emails and chats flow over the internet in the form of data. But who actually controls that data? Right now, most of your personal communication is monitored and used for, amongst other things, advertising. We don’t know about you, but that just doesn’t feel right to us.

Email is important. It’s the basis of all our online accounts. We cannot use any of them without an email address to sign up. And think about all the personal information that is in our inbox. Financial statements, identification documents, password resets, health reports or personal conversations with family and friends. Advertisers are monitoring and analysing all that information.

The ’free’ email services most of us use on a daily basis come at a price. There simply is no such thing as a free email service. In the end someone has to pay for the cost of hosting, support and maintenance. In most cases advertisers are picking up your ’bill’ and in return they are gaining access to your personal data.

That’s why Soverin is here. We are a fair alternative to ’free’ email. For years we have trusted the postman to deliver our mail without reading it. Why should this be different for email? Soverin is honest email. This means we do not sell your data and we are transparent in how we run our business. You are in control of what happens to your data and you own the email address you register with us.

Liberate your inbox. Switch from ’free’ to freedom.

Take control
of your inbox
for € 3,25 / month

  • Unlimited Messages
  • 25 GB Storage
  • Personal domain
  • Unlimited aliases